Container manager for CoudVision

Generic script to manage containers on Arista Cloudvision server. It is based on cvprac library to interact using APIs calls between your client and CVP interface.

Supported Features

  • Check if container exists on CVP.
  • Create a container on CVP topology
  • Delete a container from CVP topology.
  • Get information from Cloudvision based on container’s name.
  • Collect list of attached devices.
  • Move a devices to an existing container.

Complete documentation available on read the doc

Known Issue

Due to a change in CVP API, change-control needs to get snapshot referenced per task. Current version of cvprack does not support it in version 1.0.1

Fix is available in develop version. To install development version, use pip:

$ pip install git+

Getting Started

$ pip install git+

# Update your credential information
$ cat <<EOT >
export CVP_HOST=''
export CVP_PORT=443
export CVP_PROTO='https'
export CVP_USER='username'
export CVP_PASS='password'
export CVP_TZ='France'
export CVP_COUNTRY='France'

# run script (assuming VLANs configlet is present on CVP)
$ arista-cvp-container-management -j actions.json


Project is published under BSD License.

Ask question or report issue

Please open an issue on Github this is the fastest way to get an answer.


Contributing pull requests are gladly welcomed for this repository. If you are planning a big change, please start a discussion first to make sure we’ll be able to merge it.

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